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Nov 18, 2016

Just for fun,

Pink unicorn infiltrates server room

RockIT; IT support company; reported a break-in to their Head Quarters located server room.

At about 3:30pm this afternoon a shifty looking character was seen skulking around the premises and was quickly wrestled to the ground and reprimanded by the local bobby-on-the-beat. 

Pink unicorn


The pink, fluffy, bearded unicorn was said to be bleating out unrecognisable phrases; such as #HugLife and #DoYourThing. Confusingly, when the detectives investigated these unusual sayings, they discovered they represented a desire to hug, and to help disadvantaged children.

In his back pocket was a Yellow bear-shaped money box, not too dissimilar to the one below.

Pudsey money box

When the RockIT teams opened the box they realised that it was full to the brim of notes and coins, £156.71 to be exact, donated by the employees that morning. The census on the RockIT floors is that this unwitting criminal was actually a good samaritan, just trying to make sure these donations reached the worthy charity.

We salute you pink unicorn, may you not let this scupper with the law get you down.