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Jul 12, 2017

Industry insights,

Poor efficiency can be costly

We regularly make a point of communicating the importance of IT efficiency and keeping your systems optimised. The facts speak for themselves: improved productivity, heightened IT security, and greater employee morale. All businesses need to take their optimisation seriously, however, a recent study, published in the Solicitors Journal, has found that businesses in the Legal sector could be potentially losing up to 25 minutes a day in unproductive time.

In the report, slow-running systems made up the majority of the disruption, whilst connection failures and outdated equipment were also cited as problematic.  

In addition to optimisation, workers in the UK will generally only receive on average 0.85 days of IT training. The more we experience widespread cyber-devastation, businesses will have to consider if their current IT training is enough to meet the demands of a digitally connected world, especially when you consider the vector in most of the high-profile and malicious ransomware often rely on human intervention.

Poor IT efficiency is costly and a business that fails to appreciate the importance will often see financial losses in areas such as poor service delivery, unbillable time and higher recruitment costs. To echo this, the report highlighted that IT failure could cost UK PLCs in the region of £35bn per year.

IT efficiency and optimisation are what drives business productivity and when you compare the UKs productivity with that of other countries such as Germany and Japan, it is clear we are way behind. It’s been suggested that a worker in Germany could do in four days what a UK worker does in five. When you consider the impact this could have a business’s bottom line, it’s easy to see why UK businesses would be wise to take their productivity seriously.