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Jul 10, 2017

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Protection for Windows 10

It’s been looming for some time now, but Microsoft has finally announced a solution to fix the known vulnerabilities with their operating system; Windows 10. In the wake of two massive, high-profile ransomware attacks WannaCry and NotPetya, both of which have caused widespread Global pandemonium, it was clear that Mircosoft had to do more to protect its users.

What Microsoft has developed is an anti-ransomware feature that will be included as a beta version of the current Windows 10, and will be rolled out via a public release in September and October 2017 through the Windows 10 Creator Update.

The fix fundamentally works though blocking unauthorised users from making any modifications to files that are contained in ‘protected’ folders. Once the defence is activated any attempt by an unauthorised user will be blocked by Windows Defender and will prevent most known ransomware from encrypting your important files.

Some might say, that this is ‘too little, too late’, however, it’s worth keeping in mind that, although speculation would tell us that Mircosoft knew about threats such as WannaCry months before they actually caused such a devastating outbreak, short of rolling out the patch on SMB1, which they did weeks before the outbreak, there was little more they could have done, as to draw any additional attention to it, would have almost certainly caused more disruption.