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Oct 5, 2017

Industry insights,

Reviewing the Pixel 2

Today has seen the launch of the long anticipated second generation smartphone from Google; the Pixel 2. It comes after what seems like a flurry of new releases within this technology sector. The Galaxy S8, the Apple iPhone X and Sony Xperia XZ Premium, just to name a few, you’d be forgiven for thinking Christmas is around the corner. So what does the new Google handset have to offer, that others don’t, and how does it compare to its counterparts?

There are two versions of the Google Pixel, the 2, and the 2 XL.

The headlines are that this phone offers an updated design, more processing power, the latest operating system and massively improved camera and dual front-facing speakers. In addition, the Pixel is IP67 rated, this means that the phone is water resistant in 1m of water for 30 minutes and also dustproof, which is a first for the Google family of smartphones.

The Pixel 2 has some fanatic new features, and one of the more noticeable has to be the improvements to the camera. Being boasted as the best camera to be launched in a smartphone, Google have offered a 12MP rear facing camera, that also provides a portrait mode (a blurred background effect) that rivals the ones found on the iPhone 8 plus. Even the front facing camera has an impressive 8MP and also offers the portrait mode. In addition, the auto focus and shutter speeds are said to be incredibly responsive, and by combining optical and electronic video stabilisation, they have also improved the video production element to offer an amazingly smooth result.

Another brilliant feature is the advancements with Google Assistant. Google Assistant makes the simplest of tasks like sending texts and making calls much easier. With the new Pixel 2 you can access the Assistant, via a new feature called Active Edge, by giving the phone a quick squeeze and just ask for what you need. Just like many other smart devices, Google Assistant will be able to make your daily routine simpler, can turn on and off lights, can turn off alarms and over time will start to recognise your own daily and weekly routine – which all helps to add a little personal touch.

So, let’s get down to the details. As we’ve already mentioned the Google Pixel handset comes in two sizes and specifications; the 2 and the 2 XL. The Pixel 2 has a 5-inch, crystal clear cinematic OLED display and comes in three colours; Just Black, Clearly White and Kinda Blue, or to you and I; Black, White and light Blue. Whereas, the Pixel 2 XL boasts a P-OLED 18:9 display, ideal for a more immersive viewing experience and comes in Just Black and Black and White. In either version they offer the best screen quality when compared to similar phones on the market, such as the Apple IPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy 8+.

With prices starting at £629, these phones will need to pack a punch in order to stand their ground, however given that both of the devices run using the latest Android operating system; 8.0 Oreo and use the Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB of RAM, and significantly improved battery efficiency that boasts all day battery life and 7 hours use from a 15 minute charge, early indications look good for the technology giant’s latest release.