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Oct 3, 2016

RockIT news,

Right on brand, the team were "not just fast, RockIT fast".

Congratulations to all the RockIT runners for completing the Cardiff Half Marathon.

Cardiff is a city that seems to thrive with momentous and eventful occasions and the Half Marathon was no exception. The city literally came alive as a record number of runners took their places at the starting line and the streets were lined with crowds as they gathered to show their support.

As the Marathon got underway, our RockIT runners put all their weeks of training to good use. Without a cloud in the sky, the bright, crisp October morning was the perfect running condition, for a mile or two, until the sun started to warm things up. 

Each of our runners did so well. Completing the 13.1 miles of urban treachery, branded with their RockIT running shirts, you couldn’t miss them crossing the line and Alec (running under the nickname Animal) was especially thrilled to have made it to the BBC One Wales TV coverage. One by one they crossed the finish with commendable times. Feeling tired and accomplished, they have done themselves proud and raised hundreds of pounds for their nominated charities.