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Feb 17, 2015

Industry insights,

RockIT Email Management

Every month we see more and more examples of our clients receiving 'spam' emails.

These emails range from the crazy and indecipherable to the downright obscene. They are dangerous to your computer and you as its user. Spam emails can bring a variety of issues from viruses, to keyloggers, phishing attacks and more. Getting a virus on your system can lead to damage and extensive downtime. With RockIT Email Management you can eliminate these threats before they reach your mailbox.

Just to give you an example of how large the problem is, over the past year RockIT Email Management has scanned 24,551,868 emails in total, out of that, 57.1% were found to be ‘problem’ emails.

Our Email Management system not only gives you the benefit of added protection but also allows for peace of mind. We know how important your emails are. So, in the event of an email outage it will hold onto all your unread emails until normal service is resumed. As soon as you are back online you can be rest assured that our Email Management System will deliver your emails so nothing is lost.