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Sep 2, 2016

Client stories,

RockIT to the rescue

One of our long standing clients is Niyaa People; a recruitment consultancy from the midlands. The team at Niyaa People pride themselves on offering a bespoke recruitment solution that utilises the strongest calibre of specialist candidates and delivers customer excellence.

A situation arose that needed urgent technical intervention and if not dealt with in a timely manner could have painted a very different picture for Niyaa People. Like any diligent business, they knew this issue had to be resolved quickly and they also knew RockIT was on hand to deliver the right resolution.

The team here worked through the night and throughout August bank holiday weekend to rectify their issue, improve their infrastructure and put measures in place to increase their security; making sure their IT systems are fully protected.

The team were so pleased with our approach in going above and beyond and delivering such a speedy resolution they travelled to our Head Office (armed with wines and beers) to give us a personal thank you.

Niki from Niyaa People added “we were very grateful, especially to Fiona and Jon who were superb! It was very comforting to have support from people that actually cared and understood the effects on the company, the RockIT team constantly kept us informed of progress and time lines so it was easier for us to plan, they took full control of speaking to all 3rd tier companies so we didn’t need to go back and forth with information, this helped speed up the process of us getting back on track.”