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Sep 27, 2016

Just for fun,

Run RockIT's, run!

Every year thousands of people line up on the start line, full of energy and determination; to take part in the Cardiff Half Marathon. To get to this point, the runners will have endured months of training, a strict diet and completed a variety of sporting achievements.

However, there is a wider and far more important message here, as it's not just about running a half marathon, it's about doing something that could make a difference to people's lives. At RockIT we have a running team of dedicated individuals that are going to be running to raise money for two very worthy causes.

Half our runners, Emily, Ash and Pete are running for Motor Neuron Disease Association (MND),

Motor neurone disease (MND) is a rare neurological condition that causes the degeneration (deterioration and loss of function) of the motor system (the cells and nerves in the brain and spinal cord which control the muscles in our bodies). This results in weakness and wasting of the muscles. MND is progressive and symptoms worsen over time. Sadly, MND severely reduces life expectancy and most people with MND die within five years of the onset of symptoms.

This charity is really close to Emily's heart as her grandfather died of this disease before she was born. Emily says "there was nothing anyone could have done to help him. My family watched him deteriorate over a very short period of time. Unfortunately, there is no cure for MND so I want to raise money to go towards helping to improve care and support for people affected by this awful disease."

Like Emily, Pete is running for Motor Neurone Disease (MND), as he knows all too well, the devastation this disease can cause.

To help these runners raise money for such a worthy cause, please give what you can using the link below.


The other half, Alec, Jason, Jamie and Shane are running for Benjamin Brownhill, a local lad who has been diagnosed with a rare kidney disease.

Benj was diagnosed with an extremely rare kidney disease C3GN/MPGN Type 1. With his health rapidly deteriorating and treatments failing including dialysis, the only option was a transplant. Although Benj's mother was able to donate a kidney, and try to give her son the best chance of life, their happiness was short lived as only a couple of months after, the disease returned and started attacking his new kidney! This young lads last chance of life is a drug that would prevent his immune system from attacking his new kidney. The family have been told on two occasions that the drug is not available through the NHS. Because of this, the family are campaigning to self-fund the drug needed to save their boy's life. Hence their campaign is called #priceonalife.

To help them raise money to save this young lads life please give what you can and support their run.


Cardiff Half Marathon

Making it count!

Ashley Dukes
Our very own 'Duke of RockIT' is running under the pseudonym "Dukesy". Ashley started running over 5 years ago, to aid with weight loss and fitness.

Ash uses running to come up with ideas, getting past a little pain to achieve his goals and feeling great doing it. He's our inspirational runner; having already completed 3 Half Marathons, one of which was the World Half Marathon Championships.

When asked why he was running the Cardiff Half, Ash replied "when I saw that we could register to run as a company and I thought it would be fun to encourage a few others to give it a go and run for RockIT".

Ash will be aiming to achieve a personal best this year of under 2 hours, as his previous years have seen him a minute or two over.

We will no doubt be with you all (or maybe some) of the way, cheering you on.

Emily Hiscock
With her wedding (to Ash) planned for early 2017, and in a bid to get fit and prepare for the big day, Emily started running.

Since starting her 16-week training plan back in June, she has been running four times a week, with an extra long-distance run as a weekend treat.

When asked 'how do you feel when you're running?' Emily said "it hurts!" Hopefully, all the pain will be worth it, as she is running to raise money for such a worthy cause.

Pete Jarrett
Pete's one of our longest runners, having started at school, Pete got the running bug. He's been training hard in preparation for the half marathon, and eating all the good stuff (not a choc in sight, honest!).

If you want to know which one Pete is, just shout 'Ollielilfella'. He might be looking slightly dishevelled and a little out of breath, but don't let that fool you, Pete is 'one to watch'.

As one of our English residents, Pete is inspired by Jonny Wilkinson and his unfaltering dedication to his sport. In fact, some might say, (Pete included) one of the greatest moments in sporting history was a rather opportunistic and timely drop kick!

Alec Naylor
Alec is no stranger to distance running, our very own Mo Farrah, he's been running since he was 6, taking part in races at school. In recent months he's completed two Marathons, one of which was the Edinburgh Marathon held back in May. With these runs and the three months of running training he's been doing, he now feels ready for the challenge of running the Cardiff Half.

In contrast to some of his fellow RockIT running companions, Alec says he feels great when he's running, as it allows him a moment to forget any problems and release stress. He added "It teaches you a lot about yourself and builds many characteristics like stamina, motivation and perseverance".

Jason Bissell
Jason got into running in Junior School after he was papped for the local paper with his first place trophy.

His passion for running has never faltered, although it's taken him a while to get back into the training and complete a few long distance runs. The challenge has been set now though, and Jason continues to increase his distance as he tries to reassure his wavering confidence.

Running under the nickname 'Lethal Bissell' Jason will be soldiering on to the tune of Sigma & Rita Ora – Coming home.

Jamie Davies
Running under the alias 'Warrior', Jamie has a rather unique training style, putting himself through the mill, with a variety of endurance events, such as the Mens Health – Survival of the fittest and two Tough Mudders.

Jamie has been running for about 4 years and finds running the perfect escapism when he has something on his mind. By his own admission, he has been known to get lost in the moment – literally, with no clue where he is, or how to get home.

Fear not Jamie, we've done some due-diligence for you, the course is clearly marked out, so you should find the finish line no problem.

Shane Howells
Known only to his training pals as "Wolf Runner", Shane has been preparing for the Cardiff Half Marathon since June, with a training program of high intensity runs in the week and endurance at the weekend. Although running makes him feel tired, he said that he's determined and confident to succeed.

Shane is no stranger to setting himself a challenge. Last year he completed a 140km charity cycle from Pencoed to Tenby, affectionately named "Tour de Tenby" and he is hoping that this half marathon will get him in shape to take on a Duathlon next year.

Wishing all of our running line-up the best of luck with the Cardiff Half Marathon – from all of the team at RockIT.