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Nov 16, 2016

Industry insights,

Safety first

With the explosion of social media usage comes a pressing need to ensure the online safety of our kids. It would be impossible to police their usage 24/7 and so how do we make sure they remain safe and alert when sharing content?

Say hello to ‘Oyoty’, a chatbot designed to teach children how to be safe online. The focus is on educating children with a bot that intervenes and flags potential problems and engages in conversation, that provides suggestions and tips for better ways of posting safely. The child can then engage in a range of responses that either agrees with the suggestion or prompts the bot to continue to explain the reasons and enable a two-way conversation. If the child refuses on numerous occasions to agree with the recommendations, it will escalate the issue directly to parents in the form of an alert.

Oyoty is currently on a soft launch, trial period having only been launched in the UK. It’s the first of its kind, using a combination of deep learning and chatbot technology, to empower children to make more informed and safer decisions when interacting socially online.  Historically, the technology sector has relied heavily on parental control, with the only option available involving the removal or restriction of access to a variety of sites that could pose a risk.

Hopefully, the use of the chatbot will eliminate the need for such a strict and rigid approach to children's online safety.