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Apr 9, 2015

Industry insights,

Security Awareness

Everyone knows the dangers of network security threats and the importance of securing your network no matter how small it is.

There are plenty of scare stories in the news recently of intrusions into government and public sector IT systems across the world. It’s rare and far between but security breaches are a reality. No solution is 100% effective but you can make sure that you are doing as much as you can to protect yourself and your organisation.

If you are a Business Owner
Directors need to allocate an adequate budget for security measures (anti-virus protection, web content filtering, hardware provision etc.) and implement an IT policy that clearly defines what is acceptable and what is not.

If you are an Employer
A conscientious attitude towards data security is a must for all staff members. Emails with attachments from non-trusted sources should be treated with a great degree of suspicion. Always remember if in doubt, do not open. If you have admin rights and are able to download programs, make sure they are from an approved and trusted source and for business purposes only.