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Sep 6, 2017

Industry insights,

Six areas to get full-fibre trial

The government has just announced the six areas in the UK that will trial full-fibre broadband, with data speeds around one gigabit per second.

The six locations are Bristol, Coventry, West Sussex, Warwickshire, Aberdeenshire and Greater Manchester, with the focus firmly on schools, hospitals and some businesses being able to see the benefits before anyone else.

These pilots are costing the government in the region of £10m and will set the standard for the future of broadband speeds.

As it stands full-fibre is only available in about 2% of the UK, as the current set up uses the fast cables to the roadside, but then relies on slower copper cables to transmit the data into individual homes. Using full-fibre directly to the premises is thought to be the best way to provide super-fast internet services. 

It’s likely that this newer and faster connectivity will boost the availability of technology, create jobs and improve business IT optimisation, which in turn will boost the local economy.

There is some way to go before the whole of the UK can experience these speeds, and if you consider the more remote corners of the UK. It’s going to be a significant project to provide the promise of fast broadband, to the majority of UK homes over the next ten years, as outlined in the Governments Digital Charter.