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Dec 23, 2016

Just for fun,

The Stocking of Awesomeness has delivered

Over the last 10 days, our various departments have been set specific KPIs for a chance to win a prize in the Stocking of Awesomeness. Prizes vary from the usual Christmas themed Santa-shaped chocolates through to some fairly significant prizes such as an Acer Iconia tablet.  

The top prize was £200 worth of Love2Shop vouchers, that was won this morning by our very own FRT and Weekend Engineer, Dale.

All of the Service department did especially well this year with prizes, as they smashed through their KPIs before the Christmas break. In fact, most of the top prizes went to this department, with the tablet also going to one of their team.

Simon the department manager now has a slight undertone of smug, as he revels in the achievements of his department.