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Feb 14, 2018

Industry insights,

Tech jobs rise by 12%

2017 was a good year for the technology industry as a whole, with companies clearly reaping the benefits of investing more time and money on recruiting the crucial tech skills that are required to propel their business into the digital era. 

Postings for technology based roles increased in 2017 by 12% and on top of that the advertised salaries also increased by anything up to 9% depending on location. This increase sees the technology industry’s growth last year as one of the fastest rates in the UK.

This analysis, that’s been carried out by Reed Technology, also predicts that as the demand for great tech talent increases, it’s likely this will create a shortfall within the talent pool and drive up salaries in a bid to attract the very best skills.

The up-shot of this is clear, as UK businesses continue to invest within the technology sector the number of technology related roles is also expected to rise.

Reed Technologies, Senior Divisional Director, Andy Gardner added:

"In 2016 there was £6.8 billion venture capital and private equity investment in UK tech - 50 per cent higher than any other European country, and as investment continues to grow and the UK makes a name for itself as a tech heartland, companies want to recruit the best talent to do the highest quality work".

"As a result, hiring managers are asking their boards to commit more money towards recruitment of new staff, and that is reflected in the advertised salaries.

"What this data shows is that, during 2018, those companies which are struggling to attract the right talent will need to be ready to increase the salaries they offer."

When you consider that what we often refer to as the digital era, is exactly that, a technological revolution, therefore anyone that’s savvy enough to secure themselves a career within this sector will be able to establish themselves with life-long careers. Even with the additional dynamics of artificial intelligence, technology roles are not going to become redundant any time soon, they are simply going to evolve and integrate with any new and emerging digital advancement.

In future years however, technology professionals will have a greater need to differentiate their value above any other. Businesses will have gone past the basic requirements for technology based skills, they will be looking for an extra layer of business acumen and commercial awareness, being able to turn their tech advancements into financial gain