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Feb 8, 2018

Industry insights,

Is technology distracting?

Having the right technology in place is a fine art and one that as an IT company we take very seriously. Today we are living in a digital era, with multiple technology communication streams that can aid our productive, or do they?

The BBC has published the results from a Microsoft survey that questioned 20,000 European workers, with many of these people saying that the steady stream of emails, messages and notifications from platforms such as social media sites has left them feeling distracted and unable to concentrate.

One expert is even labelling this interruption as ‘Technostress’, adding “modern workers have an abundance of technology at their fingertips, but this availability doesn’t always translate into impact.”

Within the report, only 11.4% of European workers claimed they felt productive. It’s not really surprising when you consider the sheer volume of updates and emails that each working individual has to endure. Microsoft also pointed out that of the risk factors involved with ‘constant connectivity’ is the expectation that emails and messages will be looked at and dealt with in an urgent and somewhat immediate manner.

So what’s the solution?

Well we are not suggesting that you simply turn your digital connectivity off, that wouldn’t be wise. Microsoft have claimed the best way to deal with the overwhelming volume of technological disruptions is to create a ‘digital culture’ that outlines the best approach for using technology, such as email response times and harvesting internal insights on the technology that employees use daily. In acknowledgement to this, some companies now limit when emails can be sent to try and minimise the impact of the digital workplace.

As a side note. Apologies if this blog article and subsequent social media notifications have distracted you from your work.