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Jan 2, 2018

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Top technology trends for 2018

As we kick start a new year, what better way to start things off than to review some of the top technology trends that we should expect to see in the coming months.

Recent years have seen a huge shift in the technological landscape and none more so than 2017. Both Amazon and Google have entered into the home automation market, with Alexa and Google Assistant respectively. Twitter finally let use more than 140 characters, while Tesla announced a slightly more affordable electric car than previous models by launching the Model 3.

2018 looks set to be another ground breaking year, and these are just a few of the technology trends to look out for.

Augmented Reality will become mainstream

To date Augmented Reality (AR) has had a shaky start. It’s been around for almost ten years, but it hasn’t really found its purpose yet and certainly hasn’t been utilised to its full potential, aside from its ability to provide experiential marketing. The launch of PokemonGo in the summer of 2016, was a gaming phenomenon that saw us start to fall in love with Augmented Reality entertainment. Now large global brands have started to take notice, and 2018 is set to be a year of big things for AR.

Most of the AR experiences currently rely on integration from a smart device, but in 2018 we will be introduced to AR glasses, with a Heads Up Display (HUD) that will display AR experiences directly to our eyes, improving how we interact with both people and brands.

It will mean a fully customisable consumer experience that could be displayed anywhere there are large crowds, paving the way for virtual pop-up stores and a richer out-of-home retail experience. Once the HUD technology is widely adopted, the possibilities really are endless. Experiences with AR are set to be ramped up in 2018. As they become mainstream, so too will the marketing opportunities available, as brands will soon see the value AR can provide to their advertising.

Big data for the IoT

It’s hard to imagine the Internet of Things becoming bigger than it already is. As it stands we have self-learning thermostats, home assistants that can do everything from turning on lights, to telling the time and playing music. 2018 though is set to be somewhat significant for the IoT, as it starts to move into the realm of big data and analytics. There’s such a vast amount of data that’s being generated by the IoT that it has the power to revolutionise entire industries, with big tech companies like Microsoft and IBM already starting to invest in these analytics.

The year of the bot

For many years we have been predicting robots of sorts. Whilst we have already started to experience bots in telephone banking and other basic automated communication, it’s predicted that 2018 will be the year that bots will expand from automation customer service and into our daily routine with home bots.

In a similar fashion to our existing home automation, home bots will help to schedule tasks, support the family financials by making sure you don’t go overdrawn or provide you with further lifestyle enhancing assistance.

Financial technology will shape our future

Last year we saw contactless sweep the nation, making the checkout a more time efficient experience. This year we will see even more financial transaction technology take a hold in the market place. Look out for biometrics such as; facial recognition, voice and fingerprint ID verifications and retina scanning. It might sound a little futuristic, but they are predicted to hit the highstreets and start improving our retail experience in the coming months.

In short, 2018 is going to be big for technology. It’s fast paced and evolving all the time, so keep a look out for some of the predictions and emerging tech throughout the year. Even if you don’t choose to adopt full home automation, it’s likely you will benefit from one or two of these new and innovative lifestyle trends.