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Oct 31, 2016

Just for fun,

Trick or treat?

If anyone was ever in any doubt just how family friendly Rob Dance (CEO) is, Friday was the proof.

On a failed attempt to host a Halloween party at home, Rob didn’t want to let down the children and agreed to a kids Halloween party at the office. Therefore, Friday saw us open the doors to the wives, the nans and the grandads and of course the children of RockIT, with what we called the ‘Halloween Spooktacular’.

The boardroom and front reception were themed with all manner of spooky décor and with a ghostly (cartoon based) movie, party food and games – all we needed were the seventeen children. 

RockIT's Halloween Spooktacular

The children’s outfits didn’t disappoint; we had zombies, vampires, witches, cats, pumpkins and spiders. Some scarier and spookier than you could ever imagine.

Along with all the party mayhem and fun, we finished the afternoon off with some trick or treating around the office. All the children were taken to each desk to ask the fateful question, and if the staff member couldn’t come up with the goods, well it wasn’t pretty. On hearing the word ‘trick’ one of the children turned Rob into a dinosaur!  

Halloween witch

One of our core values is ‘People’ and how much we love our staff and treat them like family. What can remind each and every employee more about the importance of family, than seeing their own children having such fun, hearing the laughter and (hyper) sweet induced screaming?