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Oct 1, 2015

RockIT news,

We are the Champions!

Last week saw the introduction of a new team within RockIT whose primary purpose is to assist our Client Relations team and drive constant customer service development.

Cue We are the Champions by Queen as their title music. The team made an impressive first impression to staff with a parade around our office giving out brownies, to promote their launch.

The team consists of 15 specialist staff across all departments who have been selected to be on hand to help where they can. They will work with our Client Relations team to help manage any incoming queries or issues from submission to conclusion. As champions are department specific this will massively assist our Client Relations team with department focused enquiries.

Client Champions have been provided with specialist training to improve our service delivery and experience to clients. They will also be heavily involved in mentoring staff and taking newcomers under their wings. The aim will be to recruit more members until everyone at RockIT is wearing the badge of honour.