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Jul 27, 2017

RockIT news,

We choose the person

Almost a year ago we chose to internalise our recruitment function, literally ripping up the rule books and redefining a new candidate experience that not only saves us a massive amount of time and money, but has also seen us attracting and retaining some of the best people. And we’ve done this by focusing on the ‘person’ above anything else. Okay, so it goes without saying that as a technology business, some of our roles will require a technical mind, but we still focus on the person first. We save time in the long run, by taking the time to get to know our candidates first.

We have complete autonomy over the decisions that are being made. We are not being sold to by silver tongued recruitment consultants that want to make a sale. We get to know our candidates and because we have such a vast range of career opportunities, in some cases we are able to offer a different career to the one originally applied for.

For our technical roles, we utilise a technical test that demonstrates an individual’s skills in this area. We openly welcome people from all kinds of employment backgrounds. Many of our recent employees have gained their technical skills through self-learnings or having IT as a hobby. Some have not even had any formal IT related qualifications. In fact, some of our successful recruits have come from backgrounds in the customer service sector, such as retail. They may have always wanted to move their career into a technological direction, and their customer skills mean they know how to deliver the very best service.

It’s fair to say that under our previous approach; relying on recruitment agencies to provide us with candidates, these are the people that would have been overlooked. We spent too much time and effort relying on CV’s to inform us of what a candidate could achieve, rather than focusing on the person and the potential of what they could become.

Now though, we are all about the person. We get to understand their goals and aspirations. We explore the attributes that they consider important for their employer and themselves. In getting to know our potential candidates a little better at the beginning, we are able to attract some really great people that are the perfect ‘person fit’ for the company and for us as colleagues.