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Jun 26, 2017

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Weak passwords to blame for Parliament breach

On Friday, our own government were the victim of a cyber-attack that affected 90 users and that gained access via the Parliaments email account. It would seem this particular infiltration was the result of a weak password, which caused officials to have to disable remote access to all the email accounts of the Members of Parliament and their associates and employees, in a precautionary measure, to reduce any serious implications.  

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox issued a warning to the wider community to ensure that people do “everything possible to maintain their own cyber-security.” Whilst this is good advice, given that the fact this breach was due to a weak password, and a password that didn’t conform to the guidance provided by the Parliamentary Digital Service. Maybe the advice should be, to ensure that all users adhere to the policies outlined in a robust internet usage that includes safe and secure guidance for password protection.

The National Cyber Security Centre and National Crime Agency are now investigating the incident.