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May 11, 2018

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What does enterprise grade look like for a university?

What does enterprise grade look like for a university?

Enterprise IT is hardware and software that’s designed specifically to meet the demands of larger companies. If you consider the needs of a consumer or a smaller business, they may have as great a requirement for system availability and performance, compatibility, scalability, reliability and most of all security.

Larger enterprises have all these requirements and more, and ‘Enterprise IT’ is a phrase that’s been coined to encapsulate these needs, in a neat and concise way.

The very nature of Enterprise IT delivers a far superior IT infrastructure and network, through heightened security, stricter control measures, improved productivity, and greater policy management. Whilst the term ‘Enterprise’ lends itself to larger, global, multi-national companies, Enterprise IT is actually defined by requirements rather than size.

Although all the measures associated with Enterprise IT will almost certainly improve a business’s IT standing for the better, the challenge that companies now face is establishing how they can still offer agile and flexible working arraignments, and provide digital operations to their stakeholders without compromising their efforts in Enterprise grade IT. 

For education providers like Universities this challenge is exacerbated. The individuals that are accessing their network can fall into various groups; students, teachers, on-site vendors, visitors, and local community groups. They have an obligation to provide all these stakeholders with a network that is genuinely never off. Some of their students might live on campus, and so although learning outcomes will be the primary objective for their IT solution, the University will also have to provide a service that meets the demands of their on-site residents. This would mean having a dedicated on-site internal IT department as well as having around the clock IT support solutions. These IT dynamics are usually reserved for the larger organisations, however, the IT systems for any University will almost certainly be up there with the most complex, bespoke and robust that you will come across.

The need to have a digital platform that offers a great user experience, with learner access to a range of platforms that are needed to fulfil their studies, is vital to the success of the university’s offering. In addition, consider just how many connected devices, smart or otherwise, would be connected to the campus WIFI at any given time? In the era of BYO, generation Z that make up the majority of students today, almost expect this, taking for granted any additional security measures that would have been needed to make BYO a possibility. 

It’s this always on mentality that poses the most significant challenge for universities as Enterprise grade IT solutions don’t always account for an element of movement. This means education providers as a whole are often having to try and implement a balancing act between having systems that are of the highest grade in security and performance, and are able to offer flexible working arraignments, without coming in direct conflict with the more risk adverse enterprise solution.

The main consideration with enterprise grade IT is that whilst it’s often cited as a collection of specific functional aspects, it actually more about delivering a strategy that enables a consistent architectural, bespoke IT solution, with a clear focus on delivering the right support and services that are required in this complex digital era, and universities are able to achieve their own Enterprise grade IT through this agile approach.