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Nov 27, 2017

Industry insights,

WhatsApp for business

Many businesses are already using WhatsApp in a fairly informal way, but until now the app has really only been aimed at individuals, as a viable option for Wi-Fi communications. However WhatsApp know that there is a much wider and slightly un-tapped market within the business sector, and now has plan to start aiming its services at business professionals.

There are a number of reasons why WhatsApp services really stand up against other similar options, but one clear reason is the enhanced security that it provides. The latest version of the app uses end-to-end encryption, that ensures your messages and calls are private and totally secure, they can’t be intercepted, read or listened to by anyone other than the intended recipient. Although security features highly on a business users preferences, the biggest attraction for these users is actually the group chat function. Group chat can be created easily between colleagues to aid business communication. Until now, businesses have had very little control over what’s been said, and often the app can be perceived as going against the grain when it comes to the type of messages that are communicated privately between colleagues.

WhatsApp has started to investigate how business users want to use the app and are aiming to shape their services accordingly. Within their announcement of the launch of business services WhatsApp alluded to a few of the ways business users will be able to use the app, such as delivery confirmations and an update on flight information. Whilst many businesses might find an additional broadcasting tool a viable option, it is a fairly crowded market place already and it doesn’t really offer any additional value to a business. It seems that the biggest value is with the group messaging function, as providing colleagues a group communication tool is likely to be what businesses want from the app.

Where WhatsApp are going to find a challenge, is encouraging the uptake within business users to use it as a formal business service, and on the flip side to be able to persuade its loyal customers that more control of their beloved app is a good thing. 

Whatever your view on how the app will be adopted into the office, 2018 looks set to be a very big year for WhatsApp.