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Jan 23, 2018

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WhatsApp launches dedicated business app

It’s been eagerly anticipated for many months, and positioned as a new way for businesses to interact with their customers – WhatsApp for business is live and available via a free download in five countries, one of which is the UK.

WhatsApp has inherently been utilised as a go-to tool for individuals within groups to remain connected and engaged in conversations. Its ease of use and group messaging function are the key things that set it apart from similar messaging applications and platforms. This makes it the ideal tool for organising an event or socialising.

WhatsApp Business is going to be aimed at professionals, as a tool to support the communications they have with their customers and clients.

Key features of the new application include business profiles that showcase businesses information and some automation services such as greetings and away messages. In order to make the platform totally accessible to business professionals, users will be able to access the platform via web, which will mean it can be accessed much more easily over various devices.

It should be very clear to see if you are engaging with a business, as they will be labelled as such, and it’s thought ‘confirmed account’ status will be rolled out over time.

Although WhatsApp is now owned by Apple, they have controversially chosen to launch their new business venture on Android.

A spokesperson for WhatsApp has said “Our new app will make it easier for companies to connect with customers, and more convenient for our 1.3 billion users to chat with businesses that matter to them”.

It’s still unclear how WhatsApp intend to monetise the app, however, with stats like 80% of small businesses in India and Brazil citing the app as crucial in helping them to grow their business, they seem confident with the uptake of their tool and will no doubt use this as a revenue stream in months to come.