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Mar 8, 2017

Just for fun,

Who run the world? Girls

What is considered one of the world’s most untapped resource and makes up 10% of the RockIT workforce?

The answer: women.

We might be outnumbered here at RockIT, but don’t let that fool you, we are equally as capable as our male counterpart. Yes, it’s fair to say we don’t all possess a technical position, although some do. However, we are all likeminded, ambitious individuals, working for a company that provides us with the opportunities to realise these visions and achieve successes.

As today is International Women’s Day, we are thankful that we are the fortunate ones. We are fortunate because we live in a place that recognises women for the amazing things they can achieve and, without prejudice, we are openly encouraged to achieve all our aspirations.

More importantly, we spare a thought for the women and girls that are less fortunate than ourselves that grow up in a world very different to our own. A world where their opportunities are limited, where their opinions and their existence are accepted less than that of a man. For these women, just getting an education or employment can be a daily struggle.

Therefore, we should take a moment to appreciate the great work that is being done globally to make a positive change for these women. Charities like The Circle of Women reach out to poverty and war stricken communities to provide women and girls with the empowerment that’s needed for change in their own communities. To support this charity and help make a difference, we have raised funds by hosting a companywide dress down day, with all proceeds going to The Circle of Women.