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Aug 10, 2017

RockIT news,

Why is candidate experience so important?

As we’ve already mentioned in previous articles ‘We choose the person’, we are already focusing our internal efforts on improving the candidate experience, but why is it so vital to invest in and what affect does it have to the business?

Customer and Client Experience, internal and external brand, the internal customer (i.e. your staff) and everything in-between have been hot topics of conversation for some time now. The age old question: how can we attract more and retain it? Have regularly featured in boardroom agendas. More recently, and with our own focus on developing an internal Talent Department we have seen first-hand the far reaching effects of investing in our candidates, and developing a far superior Candidate Experience. Why? Because we knew our ability to attract and recruit the very best talent was intrinsically linked to our ability to tailor the experience and ensure each candidate has the same consistent journey.

Not only that, but candidates are also brand ambassadors. Don’t think for one moment that if a candidate has a bad experience that they will not shout that from the roof tops, harming your ability and success in finding top talent. In equal measure, if you are able to hold their hand (metaphorically) throughout their journey and support them, help them to prepare and manage their expectations for each stage of that journey, the outcome will be seen dramatically throughout the business. Resourcing issues will cease the more top talent you are able to attract, and having such talented colleague’s increases productivity by raising the standards in all four corners of the business.

Invest in your Candidate Experience and you invest in your external brand, as it gives a very clear message to the candidate and the wider community; invest in us and we invest in you.