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Jun 20, 2017

Industry insights,

Windows Server moves to twice-yearly updates

Microsoft has announced that in a bid to streamline its operating system, Windows Server 2016 will also now receive updates biannually.

Windows 10 and Office 365 already provide updates, twice-yearly, with Windows 10 receiving them in the Spring and Autumn. 

This shift should provide a predictable approach to Windows updates and it will enable IT departments to plan ahead, schedule updates and prepare for any changes associated.

One of the fundamental reasons was from a continuity perspective, in that more regular and scheduled updates will also drive the adoption of services. Historically, IT departments have favoured out of date systems over huge and disruptive changes that can follow an update. 

This announcement comes one month after the NHS experienced a significant breach, where out of date systems and unpatched equipment was almost certainly to blame.

Because of the high profile cases, business owners are now even more aware of how important updates and patches are, and the intrinsic link these have to IT security. Microsoft, although not directly responsible for any breach, knows they have to do more to ensure businesses don’t carry on opting for older iterations and compromising their IT security.