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Key takeouts

Cyberattacks are happening, and pose a real danger for businesses. We know more has to be done, and so does the UK government. In fact, a primary objective of the UK government is the National Cyber Security Strategy. They have created the Cyber Essentials Scheme; a set of cyber security best practices and guidelines, that have been created with a view to making the UK a more secure entity. If every business in the UK followed these set of principles, it’s fair to say the majority of basic but successful cyber-attacks would have been mitigated.

These guidelines have been created with any size of business in mind, and within any sector. They are considered ‘minimum standard’ but will go a long way in protecting UK businesses from the threat of cybercrime.

This guide can help you:

  • Mitigate the risks associated with malicious emails

  • Reduce the ability for a perpetrator to hack into your IT systems

  • Make it significantly harder for viruses to infiltrate your company data

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