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Supporting the Education sector;
because learning matters

RockIT have been working with clients in the education sector for many years and we have developed a fundamental understanding of their priorities and frustrations. Learning requires consistency. You need the right tools and you need them to work; first time, every time. RockIT have spent years developing specialist experience in supporting integrated, interactive learning technologies that drive modern education, allowing you to focus on what you’re there for, helping people to better themselves.


We pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge

At RockIT we pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge of a number of industries and education is no exception. Our products and service offerings are built from the ground up with robustness and reliability in mind. With student expectations getting more and more demanding, you need an IT Support company who understands what education means, to you and to your students. RockIT can help with this.  
We have expert knowledge and industry-leading partnerships with the UK’s most prominent and specialist Education Sector software houses and vendors, such as Turning Technologies, Promethean, Class Dojo, Meru and more. So you know that you will get the support that you need, when you need it, without fail. You can rely on us to help you give your students the confidence they need to focus on what’s important; learning.

  • Intimate knowledge of IT for the education industry at school, further and higher education levels
  • Fully audited and logged support mechanisms to feed in to your compliance
  • Support for integrated interactive learning technologies such as ActivBoard, Turning Technologies and many others
  • Tailored advanced infrastructure support for educational institutions with in-house first line IT support
Flexibility and mobility without losing security

You need to be agile, responsive, able to use the tools at your disposal anywhere you need and your students demand the same flexibility. Mobile devices provide the means but introduce inherent risk. With centrally controlled mobile device management and policy based access control we can ensure you can always teach the way you want to, without sacrificing safety.

Secure, reliable services that you can trust

Our products and services are built from the ground up with security and robustness at their heart. We ensure that all of the vendors and partners that we work with have the same strict and compliance focused approach as we do, with the ISO accreditations and specialist educational knowledge you need to always stay one step ahead and deliver consistently for your students.

School and further education college infrastructures

School and further education college infrastructures

You hold yourself to the highest educational and ethical standards, but you need an IT company that understands you and what that means.

  • RockIT has in-depth experience at building and maintaining school IT infrastructures from the ground up.
  • Experience with modern educational technologies aims such as global integrated interactive learning and the “all wireless school.”
  • Experts at BYOD (or Bring Your Own Device) secure infrastructures to allow your students to learn the way they want to.
Higher Education Campuses

Higher Education Campuses

You are an institution with a reputation to protect and expectations to meet from students and faculties that you don’t plan to disappoint. You need an IT company that:

  • Understands large cross-campus multi-layer routed networks. 
  • Has an expert knowledge of federated services and the integrations you require.
  • Has the contacts and partnerships that you need to maximise the impact of your IT budget.

Total IT Management

With Total IT Management you can be sure that your systems are comprehensively supported to enhance business growth. RockIT have revolutionised the way that IT Support is being delivered.

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Case Study:


WEA Cymru is the largest provider of adult community learning in Wales. Established over 100 years ago, WEA Cymru seeks to empower individuals through the attainment of confidence, skills and knowledge, so that they can play an active and democratic role in society locally, nationally and internationally.

WEA Cymru operate a complex infrastructure which not only comprises several disparate sites of their own but is also linked to the larger Janet network for collaboration with the UK research and education community. WEA Cymru’s ongoing business aims are made possible through the implementation and maintenance of a VMware high availability cluster that powers a multi-server remote desktop farm allowing WEA staff to work from anywhere in the world and from any device.

  • WEA’s infrastructure has been built from the ground up by RockIT to be disaster-proof, with multiple levels of redundancy. Since their infrastructure project was complete, not one ticket has been raised due to system failure!
  • On average, 84% of tickets raised by WEA’s staff are closed by our Service teams in less than an hour of engineer time from when they were opened. Now that’s RockIT fast!

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