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Supporting the Financial Services sector; where everybody counts

RockIT have been working with clients in the financial sector for many years and we have developed a fundamental understanding of their priorities. Your customers want 24/7 multi-channel access and a personalised service and you want to give them that. Your customers are becoming more knowledgeable every year, so you need to stand out and excel just that bit more than before; and we can help. After all, it’s accrual world!


Why Choose RockIT for your financial services company?

At RockIT we pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge of a number of industries and financial services is no exception. Our products and service offerings are built from the ground up with PCI-DSS compliance in mind and all of our partners and vendors are ISO-accredited. We fully audit our suppliers and vendors so you don’t have to, to ensure legislative compliance and audit-friendly services. All of our data centres and those of our partners are UK-based, so that your data never leaves the UK except if you choose for it to do so.

We have expert knowledge and industry-leading partnerships with the UK’s most prominent and specialist financial services software houses and vendors, such as; Sage, Opera, SAP, Pegasus and more, so you know that you will get the support that you need, when you need it, without fail. You can rely on us to help you give your customers the confidence that they can rely on you.

  • Intimate knowledge of your industry to help you keep your competitive edge
  • Specialist compliance knowledge to support you with audits and accreditations
  • Fully audited and logged support
  • Software and service integration knowledge for AUDDIS, Teledebit, BACS and other services
  • Legislation compliant disaster recovery to ensure you never lose a moment’s sleep, let alone your data
  • Mechanisms to feed in to your compliance
  • Tailored ISO and PCI accredited services designed for the financial sector
Grow your brand

Grow your brand

Our extensive experience began with supporting smaller, growing financial services businesses and we know what can help you take your business to the next level. We can provide:

  • Knowledgeable support teams that can help your staff focus on their work and not issues.
  • Consistent focus on helping you with your compliance and auditing needs.
  • Partnerships with leading financial services' vendors to help your business reach the next level.
  • The support structure to continue supporting you no matter what the future brings.
Maintain your edge

Maintain your edge

You are an institution with a reputation to protect and customers that you have supported through everything. Your customers demand the best and you don’t plan to disappoint. We support your business with pride and specialist knowledge and we will succeed together. We can:

  • Assist in ensuring compliance and audit friendliness  within your infrastructure.
  • Provide specialist assistance with the most specialist financial software available on the market.
  • Take all of the weight of supporting your industry specific hardware, software and services.
  • Help you differentiate yourself from your competitors  and stay ahead of the game.

Total IT Management

With Total IT Management you can be sure that your systems are comprehensively supported to enhance business growth. RockIT have revolutionised the way that IT Support is being delivered.

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Case Study:

Satellite Finance

Revolutionising service delivery for Satellite Finance with innovative technology solutions.

Satellite Finance is a leading, independent provider of business finance solutions based in Newport, Wales. Established in 2008, with vast industry experience, Satellite Finance has quickly become established as one of the fastest growing finance brokerages in the UK. Satellite has 33 funding lines, employs 15 staff and has a turnover of approximately £17m.

"We recently invested in a new, fully supported Dell IT infrastructure with RockIT. The new Dell solution means we can service the needs of our customers even quicker and this gives us an edge over our competitors.

For a growing business like ourselves, any competitive advantage is key. The main benefit of the new RockIT infrastructure and back up support has been the happiness of our staff. As well as improved security and over the long term, we believe the business will see improved productivity.

With the new IT infrastructure in place, the firm has ambitions to achieve a volume target of £20 million in 2016 and RockIT are an integral part of our growth plans."

  • Satellite Finance required a completely new infrastructure to support their unprecedented growth. RockIT’s Projects department was able to spec and implement a bespoke Dell hardware solution to ensure they have the foundation they need for the future.
  • So far this year we have closed 82% of Satellite Finance’s support issues proactively before they knew they existed. Saving them an average of 133.4 man hours per month, almost a full employee’s time and wages every month!

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