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RockIT has been working with the manufacturing industry for many years and has developed a fundamental understanding of their priorities. You rely on consistency and on simple, reliable technologies that are always there when you need them. Your business is 24/7 and your IT systems need to be too. RockIT supports clients within the automotive, pharmaceutical and general manufacturing industries and can help keep your products moving.

  • Intimate knowledge of your industry to help you keep your competitive edge
  • Software and service integration knowledge for leading MRP and CRM applications
  • Specialist compliance knowledge to support you with audits and accreditations
  • Legislation compliant disaster recovery to ensure you never lose a moment’s sleep, let alone your data
  • Tailored ISO and PCI accredited services designed to aid your quality systems
  • Fully audited and logged support mechanisms to feed in to your compliance


Our products and service offerings are built from the ground up to provide 24/7 reliability so that your business never needs to stop. With the smallest issue having hugely wide-ranging implications, our Proactive Network Monitoring can help avoid issues from ever occurring and all of our partners and vendors are ISO accredited. We fully audit our suppliers and vendors so that you don’t have to, to ensure legislative compliance and audit-friendly services. All of our data centres and those of our partners are UK-based, so that your data never leaves the UK except when you choose it to. 

We have expert knowledge and industry-leading partnerships with the UK’s most prominent and specialist manufacturing software houses and vendors, such as SAP, IQMS, E2, GlobalShop and more, so you know that you will get the support that you need, when you need it, without fail. You can rely on us to help you give your customers the confidence that they can rely on you.

Moving to the next level

Moving to the next level

Our extensive experience can aid you in taking your business to the next level with state-of-the-art technologies centring around manufacturing management:

  • Specialist software for management of your whole manufacturing process
  • Ensures reliable purchasing and materials processing and availability 
  • Compliments manufacturing with integrated quality management systems

Manages tertiary elements of your business such as HR and financials.

State-of-the-art stock management

State-of-the-art stock management

Our specialist engineers can also assist you in deploying technology solutions to assist with your logistics and stock control: 

  • Take the hassle out of stock awareness and auditing
  • Use handheld scanners to record and simplify stock management 
  • Handheld scanners could cut stock-take time from days to hours and reduce your costs
  • Site-wide WiFi mesh networks to ensure global coverage across your site

Total IT Management

With Total IT Management you can be sure that your systems are comprehensively supported to enhance business growth. RockIT have revolutionised the way that IT Support is being delivered.

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Case Study:


How we ensure Metal One UK receive a well-balanced IT service.

Metal One UK; a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Corporation, specialise in the sustained development of the metal industry and creation of a steel distribution market for the future, making use of all of their business resources as an integral steel trading company.

As part of a global organisation, Metal One UK’s service to its’ customers is unparalleled and as such they require an accordingly dependable IT Support company to ensure they can work effectively. Metal One UK benefit from a robust, simplistic yet efficient IT infrastructure that is tailored towards high levels of reliability.

  • Metal One UK employ remote workers that demand fast response times and quick categorical fixes. With workers travelling round the world an urgent response is paramount to ensure business continuity and zero financial loss.
  • So far this year, we have proactively resolved over 11,000 remotely identified issues, many before Metal One UK even knew they had occurred, ensuring they can focus on what they do best.

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