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Remove the worry and risk of local backups

Our Data Centre Backup and Replication service is a completely automated system which leverages the strengths of industry-leading backup tools to build a replication system appropriate to your business needs.

  • Industry-leading backup engine
  • Centralised management
  • Deleted file retention
  • Low-cost, flexible licensing
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • ISO accredited, UK-based data centre
  • Works on servers and desktops
  • Space-saving data deduplication
  • Limitless scalability
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Secure Your Data On and Off Site

Secure Your Data On and Off Site

Our Data Centre Backup and Replication service leverages industry-leading, award-winning technologies to secure copies of your data both locally at your site and in your own private cloud, completely secure and protected by military grade encryption. Your data has never been safer!

Data deduplication

A fast and efficient deduplication engine backs up only data that has changed, minimising bandwidth and storage.

End-to-end encryption

Files stay secure between devices and the cloud with in transit and at rest AES 256-bit encryption.

Flexible, low cost licensing

Licenses are available in one-off or monthly variants, with ongoing support and can be moved between servers when upgrading.

Back up any Windows device

Compatible with both server and desktop operating systems, even critical desktops can be safely and robustly protected.

Legal compliance

If you have compliance requirements for your data, no problem. Our data centre facility is entirely UK based so your data stays in-country.

Robust monitoring and reporting

Our industry-leading product is completely integrated with our Proactive Monitoring System and can generate reports as required.

Remove the Human Risk Factor

Remove the Human Risk Factor

Most businesses rotate tapes or drives to take offsite, relying on a member of staff remembering to remove the drives each evening. When assigned staff are on holiday or ill, or even when they just forget, the risk to your business skyrockets. Remove the worry by automating the entire process.

Fast recovery times

In the event of a disaster, some solutions allow your backups to be booted as virtual machines, returning you to a working state within minutes of arriving on site!

ISO accredited data centre

Our Tier 3+ data centre is ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-27001 accredited, ensuring that your data remains safe and secure, no matter what.

Granular recovery

Whether you need to recover a single file, a folder or an entire machine, we can recover any amount of data at any time.

Exchange & SQL Compatible

Our backup system can be tailored to work with Exchange databases and SQL instances to provide both an image backup and a separate database backup for data recovery.

Always up-to-date, forever!

Monthly licensing avoids big up-front costs and provides ongoing support, ensuring that you are eligible to always use the latest versions, without any additional cost.

Built-in image testing & verification

Inbuilt tools allow verification of whole images or even just Exchange databases, allowing repairs to be run by mounting the backups without having to restore the whole image.


Case Study: Parkheath

“It’ll never happen” was a thought I had far too often. Then the only time we ever had to rely on our backups, it took far too long to sort out. When one of our servers died, it took days to source new hardware and restore our backups. RockIT designed me a plan that hosts copies of all of our servers in one of their data centres. They even took me on a tour to see it when I queried the setup. If I need to rely on it again the same issue would cause only minutes of downtime instead of days, I can’t tell you how good it is to know that.

Tarun Wadhwa - Finance Director

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