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Email is the single most popular vector
for virus infection

In the past 12 months, more virus and malware infections have been reported as originating from inbound emails than every single other vector combined. RockIT Email Management is designed to minimise the risk associated with email based viruses and malware by filtering and scanning your mail before it arrives with your business. Should the worst happen, it also provides a complete email continuity platform.

  • Off-site virus scans
  • Spam scans
  • Compatible with all email systems
  • Full email continuity system
  • Robust spam reporting
  • Daily analysis of false positives
  • Completely customisable
  • Email archiving for compliance
  • Email continuity
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Scanned before it reaches you

Scanned before it reaches you

Our off-site, redundant email management servers receive your mail and scan it for viruses and malware before it reaches your email server, reducing load and risk.

Email continuity

In the event of a disaster, your staff can access their new mail directly on our servers, so you are never without critical messages.

External quarantine

Mails diagnosed as spam are held off-site, without ever reaching your server, to minimise the risk of infection.

Completely customisable

Customisable at both a company and individual level, to allow for blacklisting and whitelisting, as well as tuning aggressiveness to suit your needs.

Directory Services Integrations

Integrates with Active Directory/LDAP to simplify user management. New mailboxes can be protected quickly and easily.

Archiving for Compliance

RockIT Email Management can archive both incoming and outgoing external mail, to comply with ISO or other legal pre-requisites.

Scans Outgoing Mail Too!

The same care and attention is given to scanning your outgoing mail, to ensure you are never at risk of sending spam to contacts or clients.



All mails that are scanned and identified as spam are held in a quarantine and a digest of all quarantined messages is sent to each user throughout the day, allowing them to release mails that are genuine and whitelist the sender. Mails infected with viruses are immediately destroyed to prevent the risk of them being released by staff accidentally.


Case Study: Bawso

We signed up to RockIT's Email Security package after receiving a malicious email that could have affected our systems. I now have peace of mind that these types of emails will be captured and filtered automatically for us. In the unlikely event that one such email were to slip through the net, I know that our emails would be protected through RockIT's email continuity system.

Franca Muratore - Corporate Services Manager

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