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Enterprise-grade AntiVirus protection.

RockIT Managed Security is an enterprise-grade endpoint antivirus solution which provides industry-leading levels of protection for your PCs and servers.

  • Enterprise-grade protection
  • Low CPU footprint
  • On-access file scanning
  • Removable device scanning
  • Roaming user support
  • Fully mac compatible
  • Customisable to your needs
  • Advanced heuristic detection
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring
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Your Network, The Way You Want It

Your Network, The Way You Want It

Network security is not just about antivirus. Our range of secure enterprise-grade firewalls provide robust intrusion prevention whilst opening the way for a range of security features to help you secure your network. 

Enterprise-grade hardware

Too many businesses become victims because of using routers designed for home use. RockIT provides industry-leading security appliances to protect your business.

Network intrusion protection

Top of the range, static object, hardware firewalls provide industry-leading external intrusion protection to prevent unauthorised access to your network.

Application-level control

Control exactly what can go in and out of your network, right down to an application level. Want to disallow remote access applications, or chat programs like Skype? No problem!

Directory services integrations

Integrating with Active Directory/LDAP, SSO and SAML 2.0, our firewalls can limit access to only authorised users of applications or services and deny others.

Advanced UTM protection

Utilising award-winning gateway antivirus and anti malware services, our firewalls work in unison with our other Managed Security products to prevent malicious software access.

Full auditing and logging capabilities

Robust and detailed access logs are maintained on a port or service level, allowing robust reporting and logging for auditing or compliance purposes. 

Remote Access Benefits, Without The Risk

Remote Access Benefits, Without The Risk

Remote access for users is a minefield. The productivity benefits of users being able to work from home are great, but allowing a home PC to connect to your work network introduces risks that must be effectively managed. Your RockIT managed firewall can help you navigate this minefield.

Robust access control

Allow remote access on a per user basis, choosing who can utilise the system and who cannot.

Split tunnel protection

Enforce robust split tunnel policies to ensure that when connected to your network, ALL traffic can be monitored and controlled by you.

Access policy enforcement

Allow access only to devices that meet stringent security policies, preventing access from insecure operating systems.

Fully encrypted remote access

All traffic between your remote users and your site can be fully encrypted with 256-bit multi-phase AES encryption.

Deep packet inspection

Deep Packet Inspection technology analyses up to 3000 connections per second, even through SSL, to ensure your data is protected.

Enterprise-level features

High availability clustering, QoS, static NAT, VoIP compatibility and world class compliance standards ensure you are not left wanting additional features.


Case Study: Satellite finance

For me, this was an obvious win. As soon as I saw the page on RockIT’s website it brought back memories of a previous infection that our former support provider had taken ages to deal with. RockIT locked down external access straight away and placed monitoring and security software on all of our PCs and servers that also deals with our antivirus needs. I get emails detailing how things are and we haven’t had even a single issue since. Best IT decision I have made in ages.

Sam McShane - Director

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