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Protect your business and your staff

The internet is a dangerous place, with far too many potential sources of risk for your business and your staff.

  • Protection from illegal content
  • Centralised management
  • Maximise productivity
  • Customise by site or category
  • Configure different access levels
  • Limitless scalability
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Employer Liability

Employer Liability

Employers are liable for the use of internet resources by their employees and the fines for things like breach of copyright are far steeper for businesses than individuals. Protect yourself and your staff from objectionable content with RockIT Web Security.

Customise filtering policies

Set your policies to meet your needs. Allow online shops, but block social media or other objectionable content.

Maximise productivity

Block access to productivity compromising content completely or allow only a certain amount of access per day, the choice is yours!

Another line of virus defence

Web downloads are the second most common cause of virus infection and most come from sites that are not work related.

Directory services integrations

Integrates with Active Directory/LDAP and uses SSO to simplify user management.

Configure access levels per group

You can allow access to certain individuals whilst blocking the majority and customise to as granular a level as required.

Full auditing capabilities

With some solutions, full auditing and reporting on a per user basis can assist with performance reviews and staff management.

Protect Your Staff

Protect Your Staff

The internet is a fantastic resource of information when used responsibly, but with so many nefarious characters out there, there is also a lot of objectionable and offensive content which can be displayed when you least expect it. Don’t your staff deserve to be protected from that?


Case Study: Parkheath

We started to suffer with lost productivity fairly recently due to mis-..use of the internet in the office; people were spending far too much time using social media and browsing sites that I can only describe as dubious. I had real worries that one of my staff would accidentally download a virus that would seriously affect us. I turned to RockIT for a solution and they provided a filtering system that ensures my staff have access to everything they need and that the content that I need blocked isn’t accessible within the office. Not only has productivity risen, but I know nobody can accidentally download anything dangerous, which is great!

Tarun Wadhwa - Finance Director

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