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The harsh but simple fact is that there are a hundred and one things that can disrupt a business. A well thought out, practical plan can mean the difference between coping with a disaster and losing your company.

  • Risk identification
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Completive advantage
  • Reputation protection
  • Continuous improvement
  • Knowledge capture
  • Increased robustness
  • Reduced business cost
  • Staff protection
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Key Facts

Key Facts

Imagine walking into your office tomorrow only to discover that a computer virus, hardware or system failure, software corruption, human error, or natural disaster had erased every file on your network. This is one of the biggest worries faced by business owners today. The UK government published the Information Security Breaches Survey 2013 which confirmed that the number of security breaches affecting UK business continues to increase.


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Key Findings

  • 71% of businesses that experience major data loss go out of business within 18 months.
  • 93% of large businesses and 87% of small businesses experienced a security breach in 2012.
  • The average cost of the worst security breach last year to large businesses was £450-850k and for small business between £35-65k.
  • In total, the cost to UK businesses caused by security breaches has roughly tripled in the last year.
Our Comprehensive Approach

Our Comprehensive Approach

Business Continuity Planning is a process used to develop a practical plan for how your business could recover after a crisis or disaster. RockIT’s comprehensive approach to emergency or disaster management incorporates key components of prevention, preparation, response and recovery.


Prevention includes the identification of risks, the assessment of threats and ensuring protective measures are in place to reduce potential loss of data and business damage. RockIT use risk management techniques that largely capture the entire prevention aspect of our comprehensive approach.


Preparedness involves taking action prior to an incident occurring to ensure an effective response and recovery, to being proactive and planning for the likelihood of an event that has the capacity to interrupt your business. We’ll assist you in performing a Business Impact Analysis and planning for a possible disaster.


The Response phase covers actions taken to respond to an incident in terms of containment, limiting loss and preventing incident escalation. Our Incident Response Management will ensure your operations and management and communication response mechanisms are in place.


Recovery includes actions taken to recover from an incident as quickly as possible. RockIT will assist in developing a recovery plan to ensure you are able to recover critical business activities after a crisis or emergency has occurred.


As security breaches reach their highest levels ever, we have developed a quick and easy process to find out if your business is secure.

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Back-ups.  The very words used to give me an anxiety attack.  I worried about the completeness of our back-ups and their security and confidentiality.  I was also concerned that they wouldn’t work if we needed to access them.  By handing it all over to RockIT I could relax.  RockIT audited all of our servers and desktops, mapped where we store our data and designed a continuity plan for our business. Not only do I get reports on my data being secure and protected, but their documented plan even covers what to do in an emergency with items they don’t even support, like our phone system.

Ros Kindersley - Executive Chairman

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