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RockIT Managed Broadband is, just as the name suggests, a fully managed range of broadband products
to suit all business needs.

What broadband products are available is still heavily dependent on the location of your business, but RockIT’s
range of products allows us to ensure that you get the right technologies to maximise the availability of internet
and cloud resources for your business, ranging from traditional ADSL and Annex-M products to Bonded DSL,
FTTC vDSL (fibre broadband) and EFM and leased line products.

  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Low cost
  • Fully Managed
  • Tailored to meet business needs
  • Robust and reliable
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Fully managed connectivity

Fully managed connectivity

Broadband connectivity, whatever the chosen method of delivery, is an absolutely essential business resource. Our fully managed products provide proactive issue resolution and reporting to ensure you are always ahead of the game. Here at RockIT we have been provisioning telecoms for years, covering every industry and even the most abstract of niche connectivity requirements. The availability of certain connectivity options is still very location dependent in the UK, but choosing the right connectivity method can have huge positive knock on effects for your business.


The most common connectivity option available to UK businesses. Almost any location in the country can receive ADSL services. Speeds can vary from 20Mb per second at best to less than 1Mb per second for those further away.


Available on a good portion of ADSL2+ connections, Annex-M helps businesses who can only receive ADSL to tailor the connection to meet their needs by sacrificing some download speed to provide more upload speed, the main limiting factor behind ADSL

Bonded DSL

Where nothing but ADSL is available, Bonded DSL combines up to four separate ADSL connections to load balance the connections to provide more bandwidth. It uses a single IP so that it can be used in cases where typical load balancing would cause issues.


vDSL, or fibre to the cabinet connections, are advertised in the UK as “Superfast Broadband”. Download speeds can jump to as high as 80Mb per second and because of the use of fibre optic with very little additional cost over ADSL!

EFM and leased lines

The pinnacle of commercially available connectivity in the UK, leased lines can provide connectivity at up to 1Gb per second, as fast as your internal network. Whilst they can sometimes be expensive to install, the benefits to your business are second to none.

Professional partnerships

We also have professional partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world when it comes to the hardware you need to manage your broadband connection. From our award-winning Draytek business class routers to world-famous Cisco and Dell SonicWALL firewalls, we can provide, install and configure any level of equipment to ensure that your business always has what it needs.


Case Study: Satellite finance

We always had issues with our broadband; our building didn’t have great internet to begin with. When we approached RockIT for help they were able to provide an ingenious new setup that not only provided us with far more speed, but was also fully managed. They proactively report on our connection and whenever we have issues they already know and have them reported and dealt with really quickly. It’s been a big help within the office to have that extra speed!

Sam McShane - Director

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