The client always comes first
  • Insights
  • June 2018

The client always comes first

Ever since the early years of RockIT our mantra has always been to provide a better level of service and focus on making improvements that ensure our clients IT needs are not just met, but superseded.

Today we still live by the same notion that ‘the client always comes first’. This is regularly demonstrated by our employees through core value implementation to support this and our many other values. Many businesses state they have core values. These can range from simple and straight forward values that you would hope are things that everyone possesses such as; honesty, integrity or professionalism, through to bolder statements of how a company would like their employees to act and feel. The main challenge with these is that merely telling someone how they should act or feel is not conducive with getting great results. Core values need to be a collection of shared thoughts and values which are positively implemented throughout the business so that each employee can appreciate not just the sentiment, but also the rationale behind them, in other words the ‘why’.

For us the ‘why’ is very straight forward. We put our clients’ needs first, aim to deliver a wow through great service levels and focus on retention over acquisition.

What does this actually mean?

Statements like the one above are fairly easy to string together, what matters to our clients is what we are doing behind the scenes to support statements like this. To be frank, when our clients talk, we listen. We don’t just make improvements to our services, we enhance our solutions based on suggestions or recommendations from the feedback we receive. Some of these include transforming our IT Support Service Desk into a 24/7/365 accessible service (and we are talking bums on seats not just an on-call mobile), extra man hours and improvements to our proactive network monitoring to detect and rectify potential issues before you experience any disruption, alongside a robust quality management programme that includes the ongoing maintenance of our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Whilst these are simply a snap shot of the many client centric solutions that we are able to offer, we are a business that harnesses the power of technology and innovation, delivered utilising shared values that ensure our clients feel valued and always come first.


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