Everyone loves to go backstage
  • ROCK Culture, Fun stuff
  • September 2018

Everyone loves to go backstage

Whether you’re in the green room of your local theatre or at the concert of your favourite band – everyone loves to go backstage and see how the magic happens.

Here at ROCK we are the same – we love going backstage too. We work here because we are proud to be part of a company that’s on a much bigger journey, with the vision to be the most innovative enterprise in the world. Some might say this is ambitious, but we’ve always aimed high and achieved great things. One of the first steps to achieving this was to completely revamp our office. It wasn’t about the innovation you can see, revamping the office was about creating the right environment to allow innovative thinking, and we think we’ve nailed it.

Take a look and see if we’re on the right track. If you like what you see, give us a nudge on social.


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