Getting started today
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  • April 2018

Getting started today

Writing this article comes at quite a poignant time for RockIT. We recently held an internal company-wide business meeting, where Rob our CEO and the Directors shared their plans for the coming year, one of the core areas of the presentation focused on ‘getting started today’. On the face of it this statement might be something you could quite easily take for granted, as of course, we’d want to start straight away on some of the plans we have for the future. The thing is, I can totally appreciate why this statement was highlighted throughout the meeting, it’s because in the past this isn’t always the way we’ve chosen to approach a project and in waiting for plans to be refined or other projects to be delivered first, it’s actually prevented us from moving forward with a project and in some cases great initiatives are still waiting to be started.

I don’t think we are alone in this regard. Even when a project or plan has been meticulously scoped out, sometimes it can be the smallest thing that can hold us back from our plans to get started.

In pursuit of perfection

For us it was always about perfection and having every single possible duck lined up before going ahead with the following idea. The thought of going live or creating a process before others were finished seemed alien to us. However, this is only one reason why ideas and projects could get held back.


It seems somewhat ironic to suggest that the biggest reason why ideas fail to get off the ground is fear. The fear of failure to be exact. It’s always a lot easier to choose the path of least resistance and stick to what you know or opt to do something that’s safe rather than pushing the boundaries and stepping out of your comfort zone. 

Here’s our list of how to get started today: 

Learn along the way

Yes it’s great to have a well-considered plan and every business should have one (or more). However, don’t let a lack of knowledge prevent you from starting something new. Digital technology today can present organisations with many opportunities for learning. Watch videos on your chosen subject, listen to podcasts, read articles and start doing what’s needed, learning along the way.

Don’t let fear creep in

Having a little amount of fear will probably keep you in check, but it’s vital that it’s in small and manageable amounts. Don’t let fear be the reason for failure, or else it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Learn from your mistakes

With the act of doing, comes the inevitable – mistakes. Mistakes do happen, but the important thing is that you are able to recover and learn from them. If your process has failed, re-evaluate and re-define the process in a new way.

Adapt or fail

As the age old saying goes; ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. If something isn’t quite hitting the mark, it’s important to adapt the project and try again.

Fear doesn’t need to be the lasting and determining element in business, but it can be used to drive results and to ensure positive outcomes. Just keep in mind that whilst taking the initial plunge might seem scary at the beginning, in life and business the hardest decisions will generally get easier, and over time the easy route will almost certainly get harder. 


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