It's awards season
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  • October 2018

It's awards season

They say three is a crowd, well not for us! Within a day or two of each other, we found out that we had been shortlisted for three very different, but very special awards.

Following last year’s success with the UK IT Industry Best Place to Work in IT award, and this year’s Digital Leaders, Best Place to Work in Digital, we thought we’d have another bite of the cherry, and entered the same category. We are a totally different company to the one we were when we won these awards; even down to the clothes on our back, and all for the better. We have created such a focus on our people in the last 18 months and made plenty of positive change since then with the implementation of the ROCK culture model.

Rob Dance our CEO has also been shortlisted as Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2018 NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards. This again is such an achievement and is a helpful reminder (as if we needed one) that our vision is to be the most innovative enterprise in the world.

Our third shortlist was for Billie, our Talent Department Manager as In-house Recruiter in the In-house Recruitment Awards. This is the first time that one of our colleagues has been shortlisted for an award and we are all rooting for her in spades. She works so hard to make sure talent is one of our most important focuses, and that our culture is something that everyone can benefit from and feel engaged with.

‘I was so excited to be told I had been shortlisted for an award based on something I love doing every day! I have seen ROCK evolve from a good company to an amazing company in just over 2 years. For me, being a small part of facilitating positive change to our culture is a massive privilege that I will never take for granted, whether I am adjusting our measurable person fit interview experience, ensuring we only hire genuine and kind people whose values align with ours, or nurturing staff so that when they arrive at ROCK for a ‘day at the office’ they instead have these unforgettable experiences to make their day that bit better, this is what gives me a sense of purpose! The happiness of our people and the culture of ROCK is my daily motivation!’


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