A rockin' year
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  • December 2017

A rockin' year

Sometimes when you reflect on a year it can feel like a lifetime, this is not the case for RockIT in 2017. Our year has literally flown by in a blur and is a real eclectic mix of trophy collecting, website launching, business improving, office expanding and talent spotting. It’s been a busy one, and here are some of our highlights.

This year has been a significant year for finding talent and amazing people to join our teams. We have always been a business that focuses on discovering great people that have the right attitude and aptitude to make a role their own. This year, however, we have added to our teams some real gems, all of whom have bags of personality and plenty of passion. These people help to make RockIT a vibrant and enjoyable place to work, and epitomise everything that we want to be known for – our people.

2017 also saw us developing some fairly important business improvements. Some of them, like the new Client Portal and the launching of Huddle, were aimed at providing our clients with an enhanced client experience. Some of them though, were internal improvements such as The Summit Club sales initiative and the Town hall meeting, an inclusive meeting aimed at all employees to discuss and debate real issues that a business of our size might face.

To ensure that we are able to offer everyone with the same opportunity for success and career progression we changed things up a little bit and got rid of the humble 1-2-1 meeting, in favour of something we call Inspiring Great Performance. It gives the monthly catch up a real purpose and provides every individual with the same opportunity for progression and inclusion to the annual bonus.

We thought last year was good for awards, but this year has blown last year out of the water. It all started in early summer with the announcement that Rob Dance our CEO and Founder had been awarded as the Young Director of the Year with Institute of Directors (IoD) Wales. It then snowballed from there. October saw RockIT crowned with the Fast Growth 50 for Sustainable Growth for 5 consecutive years – a record breaking achievement for RockIT, and at the end of the year, the cherry on top of the cake was to be named as the Best Place to Work in IT with the UK IT Industry Awards. We still can’t quite believe it. We were up against Barclays, Lloyds and Appliances Online and we were the winners because of all the focus and effort that goes into making our working environment full of fun, full of opportunity and the best place for careers to flourish.

To finish the year and go out with a ‘very controlled’ bang, this year we were able to cement our commitment to quality and obtain a certification in the ISO9001:2015 for our quality management systems. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but in essence it means that although we have always focused on providing a high quality of service, this year we have become certified for the importance we place on providing a high quality service.


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