Three ways to generate a great culture
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  • April 2018

Three ways to generate a great culture

On a morning when the sun is shining and a lorry load (slight exaggeration) of fruit and breakfast goodies, continental style has been delivered to the office, it’s easy to see how much importance RockIT place on employee engagement. But it’s a hot topic of conversation at the moment and businesses are regularly in pursuit of employee engagement utopia, mainly because of the undeniable benefits it provides to all parties be-it employees, employer or clients.

Once you’ve decided that employee engagement is important and something that as a company you are going to champion, how can this be achieved? The inherent challenge with engagement is that it’s emotive and based on an individual’s opinion. That means that with the best will in the world, if you simply go forth and create an inclusive hierarchy, lunchtime yoga and plenty of time of recreation and wellbeing, your efforts could all be for nothing if you don’t get the foundations right.

A shared purpose

Creating a shared purpose throughout the company is one of the fundamental areas of employee engagement that many businesses find hard to implement. It doesn’t have to be the big decisions, although if it is that’s great. Try getting employees involved in the company’s overall vision by investing time in their ideas and helping them to feel a part of the way forward.

Progression, progression, progression

Being truly valued and feeling like an integral part of the team is vital to a successful employee engagement program. The best way to do this is to create plenty of opportunities for progression and ensure the path is mapped out both in terms of role and timeframe. For your employees the benefits are clear; better prospects, financial and job security and the ability to learn new skills, for the business all this drive and motivation increases productivity and morale which has a huge impact on the business’s ability to deliver a great service.


It sounds like such a simple thing, but to provide your employees with the appreciation and recognition they deserve should come as second nature. It not that business leaders fail to mention where great work has been achieved, it’s more common that they don’t always communicate this out in a way that can generate the appreciation that’s fundamental to an employee feeling valued.

One of the best ways to get started with employee engagement is to find your own way of unearthing the current truths. It might be a little uncomfortable to begin with, but find out what matters to your own employees and start by making these changes before the grand gestures. 


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