We've turned 10
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  • May 2018

We've turned 10

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned knees-up, and what could be more special than marking ten years in business? RockIT is a business that’s making waves in the right direction, as we embark on another period of positive change both internal and external, and revel in all the opportunities that are available to us, it’s a great time to reflect on just how far we’ve come.

Rob started RockIT at the tender age of 24, having just graduated from Cardiff University with a Business & Administration degree. To help fund his studies, Rob set up a micro-business that serviced domestic PC’s. While his university friends were all out partying, although he didn’t necessarily realise it at the time, he was securing his own future and entrepreneurial success.

In creating the business back in May 2008, the sacrifices Rob had to make to get the business off the ground and out of his childhood ‘playroom’ were huge; having to sell his beloved VW Golf in favour of a van, purchasing a few desks and some IT equipment.

Times back then were uncertain, and although this didn’t alter Rob’s determination to create his new venture, the world was experiencing the beginning of massive economic uncertainties, which actually turned out to be the start of the global financial crisis. Banks were folding every day or having to be bought out by the government, and there was so much negative publicity about the imminent recession. If there was ever a worst time to set up a business this was going it be it. Undeterred, the recession helped RockIT get a head start. What Rob (and many other business owners) found, was that the recession hit the less reputable businesses the hardest, and businesses that focused on the customer in the same way we did (and still do) were able to take a much larger share of their market. Back then the stats were not in favour of setting up a business, with almost 8 out of 10 businesses failing in the first year. Failure was never an option for Rob; these stats didn’t register for him, as he knew what it would take and was prepared to put as much effort in as needed to get the business off the ground. Even back then he was working all weekend to make sure the business had the best possible opportunity for success. Rob has always found the world of business exhilarating and was 100% confident that he could make the business a thriving success. It was this confidence that made everyone else around him know that he was going to make it happen too, even in times of a recession and such economic uncertainty. 

The rest as they say is history…RockIT is now 10 years old and over 100 employees strong, serving thousands of clients, including many globally recognised brands, with their IT systems.

As we hit this noticeable milestone, times are changing and the business is yet again projecting big and exciting things to come. We can’t say too much right now, but they are going to be big and they are going to literally ROCK the industry. Keep in the loop with all our celebrations and all the events to come by connecting with us on social media.


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