Assisting your

IT department


Extending your existing IT department

Just because you already operate using an in-house IT department doesn't mean the conversation needs to end here. Whether you’re an individual or operate a whole department responsible for your company's IT, we can still add value to your business through a winning combination of innovative support services and technology. 

As an extension of your existing IT department, we do the investing so you don't have to. We invest large volumes of our own capital in some of the most cutting edge systems and advancements in technology to bring them direct to your door. In doing this, we provide access to a range of tools and technologies that would ordinarily be outside of your reach. 


The possibilities are endless

When it comes to supporting your IT systems, having around the clock access to the necessary support services and a comprehensive range of in-house tools are crucial to your success.  Whether you’re looking for full support, advanced server support or simple holiday cover, our flexible approach allows us to work alongside your existing team, with endless possibilities. 

Plug in and go

As our complementary support flexes to meet your company’s needs, what this means for you is a 'plug in and go' approach to IT Support that allows you to access the services you need, when you need them. 

Proactive network monitoring

Out of hours and holiday cover

Access to our support tools

Advanced support escalations

Project management and strategic advice


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We can help you.

For quick access to technical support please contact our 24hr Help Desk on 0344 272 2292.