Who we are


Making IT stand for Innovate & Thrive

An Innovative IT Support service is just a very small part. We help business thrive by joining forces on a strategic level. We take care of all of your business technology so you can focus on your most important work.

People passion

It’s mutual; we are passionate about our people and our people are passionate about us.

Our people thrive on a sense of togetherness. We challenge the impossible to develop cutting edge and proactive IT solutions that make a measurable difference in helping our clients achieve their business outcomes and drive digital transformations.

Core Values


Challenging the impossible.

  • We love grand challenges and solving complex problems through creative thinking and the use of technology.
  • We trust and encourage our staff to pursue their creative ideas.
  • Our leadership is forward-thinking and has vision for the future. Our leaders are all involved in innovation.
  • We embrace change, live to learn and seek to constantly improve.
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Never lose a client.

  • The client always comes first.
  • We’re passionate about assisting clients in growing their businesses.
  • We focus on forging strong, lifelong relationships with clients, by delivering a service that goes beyond expectation.
  • Our people are friendly, helpful, supportive and act with integrity.
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Putting people first.

  • We love our staff and take care of them.
  • We create an environment where people can have fun, flourish and grow.
  • We have a vibrant work environment, full of opportunity.
  • Our people are friendly, helpful and supportive.
  • We strive to embody clear and open communication in all aspects of people management.
  • We encourage everyone to be themselves.
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Delivering a WOW through service.

  • We strive to go beyond expectation. Every employee is expected to deliver a WOW through service, every time.
  • We are committed to providing the highest degree of quality that leaves a lasting impression.
  • We are committed to making the RockIT brand known for delivering the very best quality of service.
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Thinking big and taking calculated risks.

  • We won’t stop, even when we become number one in the world.
  • Growth and progression is a result of our determination, drive and commitment to succeed.
  • Courage is the backbone of our leadership.
  • We value criticism over praise.
  • We’re inspired by greatness and we strive to inspire greatness in others.
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10 years in the making

We have been established for 10 years and counting, established being the operative word. Therefore, you can be safe in the knowledge that we will be around for the long-haul.


Hall of fame

The number of times we have been awarded or shortlisted for growth, excellence or achievement.


Bums on seats

OK, so most of our people are out and about attending meetings or on-site visits, but our numbers are growing at a rapid rate.



The number of left handed people. Weirdly, most of them sit in one pod of the office and are the creative and idea generators.


Square feet

The planned size of our future office; a technology and innovation centre with state of the art IT systems, an on-site gym and childcare.

Awards and Accreditations

IT Europa Logo Grey 300x300.png
Finalist IT Europa, Managed Service Solution of the Year 2019
CTGUKITIA18-LOGO-FINALIST-01-grey copy.jpg
Winner UK IT Industry Award, Best Place to Work in IT 2018
18 Awards Silver Winner 300x300-grey.png
Silver In-House Recruitment Award 2018
Finalist Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year, GBEA 2018
cdtl logo.jpg
Winner Digital Technology Leaders, Best Place to Work in Digital 2018
Winner UK IT Industry Awards, Best Place to Work in IT 2017
Finalist IOD, Young Director of the Year 2017
System Certification ISO 9001 2017
cyber essentials square.png
System Certification Cyber Essentials 2017
fg50 5 YEARS.png
Sustainable Growth Award Fast Growth 50 2017
IOD Wales.jpg
Winner IOD Wales, Young Director of the Year 2017
Finalist Business Growth Wales, Customer Service Excellence 2017
Finalist Business Growth Wales, Visionary Leadership 2017
Finalist South Wales Chamber of Commerce, Welsh Business Awards 2016
gbea 2016.png
Winner Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2016
Winner Entrepreneur Wales Awards 2016
Highly commended UK IT Industry Awards, Service Company of the Year 2016
Ranked 4th in the UK MSPmentor, Top IT Support Company 2015

The story of us

Everyone loves a great rags to riches story, and the story of us is no different. From humble beginnings, Rob forged RockIT with little more than a van and the promise of a better way to deliver IT services.

We love our history, and we hope you do too. It's what defines us and makes us into the successful company that you see today.

2007.svg IMG_9889resized.jpg


Destined for big things

Not wanting to stray too far from home, Rob studied a BA Hons in Business and Administration at Cardiff University. 

To say Rob is self-funded is an understatement, starting out as a micro business to help fund his studies, Rob then used his entrepreneurial flare to go on and set up RockIT the following year, with just £1000 of his own money and a van. 

2008.svg 2008-AC2ED987212000x2000.jpg


Keeping it in the family

What could be better than building something, not just for yourself, but for all your closest friends? Never shy to mix work with pleasure, Rob hires a new team member, the first of many friends and family that remain with the business today. 

2009.svg 8T0A0177resixed.jpg


Let's do business

Partnerships started to take hold, with credible vendors that are critical to our diverse offering. In 2009, RockIT became a Dell Premier and Cisco partner. 

Over the years, we have gone on to add various other strategic partnerships to our armoury. These include Citrix in 2012, and VMware and Microsoft Silver in 2014. This has helped us to expand our vast knowledge and reinforce our credibility. 

2010.svg IMG_0009resized.jpg


And the winner is...

As RockIT started to build in size, so did the business exposure. It is always great to get recognition for all our hard work, and this year we started to make some really significant headway in adding to our trophy cabinet. 

2011.svg 8T0A0187resized.jpg


Keeping it proactive

Although we don’t have a crystal ball, we could clearly see that the technology world was changing and therefore, the way we delivered our IT support needed to respond to these changes – introducing LabTech and a proactive approach to IT support. 

We invested almost quarter of a million pounds in proactive technologies that had been unseen in the UK and gave us the edge over the competition.   

2012.svg IMG_9895resized.jpg


Moving on up

In 2012, RockIT are ranked by MSP Mentor as one of the top Managed Service Providers in Europe, for growth and service excellence. Since then, we have gone on to consistently feature in these rankings, moving up the list year on year. In 2015, we were ranked 4th in the UK and 53rd Worldwide. 

2013.svg IMG_9975-resized.jpg


Adding to the accolades

RockIT adds another accolade to their portfolio, with the Fast Growth 50, being acknowledge as one of the fastest growing companies in Wales, ranking 10th. 

In subsequent years, the Fast Growth 50 has recognised RockIT for sustainable growth, this led to us being featured in the rankings for five consecutive years and receiving the Sustainable Growth Award in 2017. 

2014.svg _DSF4657-resized.jpg


Hello London

RockIT opens its doors in the big smoke; Hammersmith has not been the same since. 

London has been a great area for growth for us, and we are excited to have such a strong presence in such a competitive and vibrant city. 

2015.svg 8T0A8737resized.jpg


Proving people matter

Investing in our employees has always been a vital ingredient for our ongoing success. We know that building a team of happy and motivated staff is what’s needed to deliver a great service. Because of this, in 2015, we achieved our Investors in People accreditation that recognises our efforts and commitment towards our staff. 

2016.svg IMG_9998-resized.jpg


Year of the black tie!

It was actually the ‘Year of the Monkey’, however, the people in RockIT could be forgiven for thinking it was the year of the black tie. With seven highly accomplished award shortlists for category’s such as, visionary leadership and customer excellence, and acclaimed success as Service Company of the Year and Service Entrepreneur of the Year, Rob was barely out of his tux. 

Equally, Rob was thrilled to feature as one of the entrepreneurs to watch out for in the Wales Online’s 35 under 35. A feature that profiles 35 of Wales’s most formidable business people and their successes. 

2017.svg 8T0A9754-2000.jpg


Transforming talent

2017 saw us redefine our approach to recruitment, ripping up the rulebook, and taking the whole process in-house. 

We now have full autonomy on how we canvas for new recruits and the overall experience these candidates receive. This process has completely reformed recruitment, and the quality of the candidates we now attract is phenomenal, and we remain as committed as ever to the ongoing personal development and career progression of our employees.  

2018.svg IMG_9994-resized.jpg


Innovation, on brand

When you live and breathe technology it goes without saying that innovation forms part of the thinking and decision-making process.  

So, when we had to deliberate over our new brand identity, and how best to represent our new Telecoms business and new regional locations it had to be something impressive; it had to represent us as a company built on innovation, built on ROCK.  

I think you’ll agree the results are on point.  

Technology Partners

datto Business.png
Microsoft Paretner.png
Minecast logo.png

Global Reach

RockIT operates throughout the UK with office locations in South Wales, London and Manchester.


We are global

We have developed co-operative global relationships with local providers of IT services in major cities throughout the world. This enables us to extend our geographical reach for clients with international operations.

Through leveraging our established global partnerships we are able to provide a seamless IT service delivery to clients with global office locations.

Making friends

We recognise the need to regularly expand our reach to meet the demands of our growing clients. If you have a specific location in mind let us know and we’ll make new friends and partnerships in this area.

Management Team

The recipe for Success!

"Success really is in the eye of the beholder. What is deemed as success by one person might not even come close to how another might perceive it.

For me, success is about Visionary Leadership, not just in terms of my own, but installing strong management practices that develops a team of visionary leaders.

Success also requires a great deal of passion. You have to love what you do, or it simply won't be worth all the sacrifices. I have so much energy and enthusiasm for our business, because over the years I've witnessed the transformation from good to great, from big thinking to being famous for our innovation. We are always looking at new ways to improve our services, for the people that matter; our staff, our clients and our peers."

Rob Dance, CEO & Founder

The team

We work hard & play hard...

Rob Dance

CEO and Founder

Ashley Dukes

Development Director

Laura Steele

Finance Director

Andy Murtagh

Development Director

James Trott

Solutions Team Manager

Gethin Merilaht

UK Sales Director

Simon Matthews

General Department Manager

Kate Nicol

Marketing Department Manager

Billie Jones

Talent Department Manager

Craig Evans

Project Department Manager

We can help you.

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