Charles Worthington Salons London


Charles Worthington has been one of the most prestigious and renowned names in hairdressing since Charles opened his first salon in the late 80s.

With three salon locations all based in London, and their own client list that includes some of the world's A-list celebrities and the best names in fashion, it’s fair to say it doesn't get more iconic than this.

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The client originally came to RockIT with a relativity complex IT set up that utilised bespoke software servers, that supported their line of business software, provided ITC services to all three of their locations and needed to be centrally managed and maintained.

As a recognised and esteemed global brand, Charles Worthington Salons simply couldn’t tolerate any level of downtime and due to the nature of their hairdressing business not being a typical 9-5 day, they needed to have an IT provider that could guarantee maximum uptime and provide IT support 24/7.

Because of their reliance on their IT systems, the client opted for unlimited IT support, which in addition to around the clock proactive monitoring and vendor management also allows the client to tap into unlimited hours of engineer remote and on-site support.

With cyber-crime on the rise email security is also a top priority for Charles Worthington Salons and therefore the client utilises a robust anti-virus email spam filter to ensure that any malicious email can be captured and destroyed at the point of penetration.

As with all our London clients, being literally on the door step of our London office has its perks and Charles Worthington Salons can access a dedicated team of London engineers.


Charles Worthington Salons have complete peace of mind that their IT is fully managed, highly secure and provides them with a support solution that fully meets their need for out of hours support.

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