Football Association of Wales


The Football Association of Wales (FAW) is the governing body that’s managed football in Wales since 1876. Their responsibilities include six international teams, grass-roots football, Semi-Professional and the Welsh Premier League. They are the third oldest association in the world and pride themselves on values that create ‘more than a game’. 

When the football success of Wales rests on your shoulders, it’s imperative that you have an IT network that provides uptime guaranteed.

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The FAW has a complex IT network that spans over 3 site locations, based throughout South Wales. As an organisation they have ambitious plans for the future of Welsh football and their IT systems had to not only align with their ambition but also needed to project the image of an organisation that’s forward thinking and invests in their equipment behind the scenes as much as they do on the pitch.

Because of their reliance on their IT they had an unquestionable need for 100% uptime and reliability. They came to us with their own fully integrated internal IT department that deal with all of their day-to-day IT issues and resolutions, however, to support this function, we provide them with additional services such as around the clock Proactive Network Monitoring, with would alert us to anything that could potentially cause an interruption to services, so these issues can be resolved before experienced.

As an organisation with contingency planning at the fore, they tap into a range of disaster recovery provisions, such as a robust on and off-site backup solution with backup alerts configured and disaster recover replication built in. In assisting the FAW existing IT department, on occasion when their own internal resource is stretched, such as over holiday periods or illnesses, we have been able to provide IT Engineer support to relieve this pressure.


The FAW have complete peace of mind that their IT systems are proactively monitored, mitigating the risks associated with mundane and avoidable issues, and that they have a thorough contingency plan in place should the unexpected happen.  

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