Public Services Ombudsman 


The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales has legal powers to look into complaints about public services and independent care providers in Wales.

He also considers complaints that members of local authorities have broken the Code of Conduct. He is independent of all government bodies and the service that he provides is free of charge.

The office of the Ombudsman deals with significant volumes of sensitive and confidential information, and so data security is vital.

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Built on values that include equality, fairness, transparency and accountability, the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales provides a free, impartial service that aims to contribute to improved public service delivery and standards in public life.

Operating from a single site location, the office has a complex and highly secure IT network that supports all teams within the organisation including Support Teams, Investigation Teams and the Complaints Advice Team with call recording functionality, while providing the same level of secure access for remote workers via a virtual private network.

As you’d expect for a client that is so reliant on IT systems, the Ombudsman needed a solution that would ensure maximum uptime, increase productivity, reduce time spent managing vendors and provide IT support around the clock. Our proactive network monitoring ensures the office does not suffer a disruption from smaller more insignificant issues, as these are identified and rectified before they cause downtime. We provide vendor management as standard, which means we are able to act as a liaison between the Ombudsman and its 12 technology vendors. This would obviously free up many hours of internal employee time, allowing the client to focus on other tasks more pivotal to his office.

The security of the Ombudsman’s systems and the access to any data is something we take very seriously. Our engineers utilise a specific process and best practice for being granted remote access, this ensures that confidential data can be kept secure.  


The client knows that the office’s IT systems are fully supported and proactivity monitored around the clock.

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