Urdang Academy 


Based in the heart of London, the Urdang Academy educates and trains young performers in Musical Theatre and Dance. Their aim is to create strong, disciplined and confident performers, and with over 95% of their graduates securing roles within the arts industry they are recognised internationally as one of the UK’s finest performing arts colleges.

Although the Urdang is heavily rooted in dance and drama, as with any college, they place a significant importance on the digital technology and IT services that their students rely on to complete their academia.

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The Urdang has made a name for itself by providing Musical Theatre and Dance students with a contemporary, dynamic and energising place to study. As the unwavering reputation for the Urdang was growing, so was their reliance on IT systems that matched student commitment and dedication.

As it stood, they were operating over two locations using a Windows network and a combination of both physical and virtual servers. Although they were operating with a system that would facilitate equipment failure, because this was overcommitted, it wouldn’t have fulfilled this requirement.

Although they utilised both physical and virtual services, their available storage on both was reaching upper limits. The diminishing available resources were having a negative effect on network performance and would have almost certainly acted as a major bottleneck, stunting their ability to grow.

Backups utilised an outsourced onsite solution. As it was vital that data and information loss was kept to a minimum, knowing that some of their data wasn’t being backed up correctly, it was clear their current solution wasn’t fulfilling their demand for an instant recovery.

With recommendations that included the replacement of physical hardware with a modular server, the installation of an internal data store, and virtualised infrastructure backups, our aim was to ensure that the Urdang Academy were able to provide their students with advanced IT systems that matched their own ambition for growth.


The Urdang Academy have seen phenomenal benefits since their IT installation. Their systems now deliver greater optimisation, with maximum uptime and reliability, and plenty of scope for almost limitless growth at a minimal cost.   

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